Invitation to the Forest

HIILI's products were created with the theme of healthy forest functions and beautiful scenery.
A new interpretation of the use and manufacture of charcoal provides unique functionality.
At the same time, Hiili has discovered a new view of the beautiful forest that has been hidden and wants to bring it into our lives.

    이전 다음

    The best natural new material in the Orient.
    The only one in the world.
    The Perfect Handcrafts.

    Hilli’s product inspired by the stripe pattern of Hill charcoal block. The pattern remind us with silent forest in the morning covered by snow and oriental paining or calligraphy.
    Newly developed Hilli Block has combination of the opposite quality : warm and cool sense of feeling form the charcoal grain; solid and smooth texture, opaque and transparent from
    it’s simple black and white color and characteristic of the material. We This innovated Korean charcoal block, can be produced in
    various and thickness, can applied most of the living items made by woods ; lighting fixture, tile, ornament, tray and so on.

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